God's Perfect Timing

     Ecclesiastes 3:1 says To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 

  I recently noticed my anniversary clock located in my bathroom had stopped working. I use that clock to ensure I arrive on time to places. Unfortunately, I didn't have another battery, so I purchased a new one later that day. 

     Just before bedtime, I took the old battery out of the clock and replaced it with a new battery. I could hear the clock working immediately.

    I looked at my cell phone to see the correct time. It was 10:45. I looked at the clock to adjust the time. It, too, was already 10:45. I was amazed the battery was changed at the same time as the clock. I had not even paid attention to the time on the clock before then.  

     My simple mind can't fathom how God continues to show up and show out in such minor details as the correct time on a clock with a dead battery. Yet, the writer Soloman of Ecclesiastes shows us God's timing is always perfect. 

      I have been emotional the past few days with the anniversary date of my late husband's passing. But God's timing has reassured me He is still here for me when I need him, even in the small stuff.

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