How Hungry are you?

     Day after day, I put dry cat food into the cat's feeding bowl. The cats come up and eat throughout the day. One day I put some chicken out for the cats to eat. Three cats came running, excited for the change of food. Two cats immediately ate the delicacy. I watched as the third cat stood there and didn't go forward for the food. There was enough chicken for him, but he refused even to try it. 

    The cat's actions got me thinking. Every Sunday morning, we go to church looking for a blessing from the Lord seeking spiritual nourishment. We go prepared for a great feast and leave filled with the goodness of God's word. Unfortunately, others come unprepared for the buffet. They pick and choose what they want and leave spiritually hungry. 

     Psalm 107:9 He satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness. So this week, let's prepare our hearts to feast on God's Holy Word this Sunday.

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